Charles Bartman, CEO and President

Charles Bartman is the owner and founder of Senior Financial Center. He’s dedicated to assisting people in or near retirement to better understand their money and protect their assets.

As advertised on radio and TV, Charles is recognized as a financial professional, speaker, author, and the host of his own radio show “Safer Income for Life” radio. He focuses on designing a plan to help you establish your retirement goals by using safer-income-for-life strategies while assisting people on how and when to apply for Social Security benefits to collect more money and reduce or eliminate taxes.

His commitment, competence, and dedication enable him to assist clients in achieving their retirement goals. He has become a leading financial professional by being an outstanding public speaker and teacher that presents free educational financial workshops. He’s recognized for motivating and inspiring clients throughout Michigan and across the country.

Charles has helped many clients develop a retirement plan to prevent them from outliving their money, so that their assets last as long as they do!

David Bartman, Vice President

David Bartman is a recognized speaker, co-author, and host of “Safer Income for Life” radio with his father. He’s a financial professional dedicated to assisting people in safely protecting their assets prior to and in retirement. His clients rely on his important recommendations to help maintain their lifestyles and build and preserve their wealth.

He has counseled hundreds of people by showing both prospects and clients how to protect millions of dollars in retirement assets. He utilizes flexible retirement strategies with safer-income-for-life alternatives that are guaranteed, with no loss of principal from market volatility, and can generate an optional safe income for life, which you and your spouse cannot outlive.

David focuses on retirement income planning to get you to and through retirement. With Senior Financial Center’s Social Security Maximization Report, David shows married couples how it may be possible to qualify for higher combined Social Security benefits if they use the appropriate strategies available to them.

David understands that clients always come first. His commitment to you is to work together with you to meet your goals in retirement by using safer-income-for-life strategies. He creates lasting relationships by helping you build your financial future and helping you live through retirement in a lifestyle that you are accustomed to.

Paul Zeman, COO

Paul Zeman demonstrates competency in strategic income planning and business development. As an experienced and efficient leader with a business acumen, he displays an exemplary work ethic with aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving skills. He is responsible for overseeing and maintaining control of diverse business operations and implementing business strategies, plans, and procedures within the company to secure the functionality of the business and drive extensive and sustainable growth. With his outstanding organizational and leadership abilities to work with employees to set comprehensive goals for performance and encourage dedication and maximum performance that leads to client satisfaction, Paul is a great addition to the team.